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The Grill Booster®

The Grill Booster® is a patent pending new product designed by an MIT engineer, that improves your backyard grill by increasing the grill's cooking temperature on the portion not covered by The Grill Booster®, so that steaks get a better sear that makes for a crispy and tasty outside and a succulent, juicy center, just like at the great steak houses. It does this by blocking and redirecting a portion of the grill's heat so it is concentrated onto a smaller area - the part not covered by The Grill Booster® . With it you direct the heat to the meat! The Grill Booster® also protects against flame flare-ups and provides an indirect heat source when food is placed above it on a rack. Its insulating properties allow you to even bake in a pan or baking dish placed directly on it, allowing your grill to serve as an oven. This dual purpose product allows you to keep the kitchen cool in the summer by cooking almost anything outside on your grill as you can also indirectly cook delicate vegetables and fish without burning them. Learn more by watching the video now and checking out the F.A.Q.
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