Do you cook food directly on The Grill Booster®?

No. The Grill Booster® should never have food placed on it. It shields food from direct heat when food is place on a rack above it. It also redirects heat to the portion of the grill that is not covered by The Grill Booster® so that meats get a better sear and cook faster.  A baking pan or oven-proof dish can also be placed directly on The Grill Booster®.

How do you clean The Grill Booster®?

You do not need to clean The Grill Booster®, as food should never be cooked directly on it. Drippings that land onThe Grill Booster® will simply cook off without hurting The Grill Booster®. If you want you can turnThe Grill Booster® 180 degrees after every few uses.

How much hotter does the exposed portion of the grill get?

The exposed portion of the grill gets approximately 100-150 degrees F hotter than it would without The Grill Booster®.